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Marketplace GUI


The purpose of Marketplace GUI is to present a user-friendly web interface to the Marketplace as well as an interactive learning experience for onboarding new users. We see it as a companion tool to CLI, but not yet a full alternative, as the GUI capabilities are currently limited.

Go to Marketplace GUI:

Read the First Steps and Marketplace Walkthrough guides to get you started.

Available now

The things you can do right now with the Marketplace GUI and their CLI counterparts:

FunctionCLI Command
View details of offers available on blockchainoffers
Receive test TEE and MATIC tokenstokens request
Create orders using offersworkflows create
Use your own data for the solution offersworkflows create
Generate encryption keys for ordersworkflows generate-key
See list of all your ordersorders list
See details and statuses of specific ordersorders get
Replenish order depositsorders replenish-deposit
Cancel ordersorders cancel
Receive order resultsorders download-result
Check confidentialityGUI only for now

Coming soon to GUI

These functions are currently CLI only because they are not simple commands, but rather whole guides with multiple steps and configurations.

  • Creating orders with your own solutions;
  • Connecting your own storage (current default is the Super Protocol account);
  • Deploying your own tunnels (current default is the pre-configured provisioner offer that can easily deploy Super Chat and static webpages, but uses Super Protocol credentials);