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For Developers

What is the Super Dev Community?

Super Protocol is a Web3 infrastructure project, and as such it is only as good as the community that will build on it. We are looking for talented and dedicated developers, individuals and teams, to form the core of this community and plant the seed from which it will grow.

We believe that decentralized confidential computing is the future foundation of Web3 and we are building a whole Web3 cloud service to prove it. We hope that you will believe it too.

What's the plan?

We have a private Slack channel for the Web3 developers who want to build apps on Super Protocol.

It's up to you what to build - but it has to be Web3 related in some way and run inside a TEE.

Our team will provide confidential computing resources, technical expertise and support: guides, tutorials, instruments, SDK and application examples for reference.

Web3 chat example app

To showcase the capabilities of Super Protocol to the developer community we have built an example Web3 application: Super Chat. It's a complex web app that runs entirely inside of Trusted Execution Environment. Have a look.

Here are some ideas from us (may and should be combined):

GamesWeb3 games: blockchains, smart-contracts, crypto, NFTs and other digital assets, DAO.
AIThis is a big one. Confidentiality will allow AI to train on sensitive personal data.
OraclesConfidentiality may enable oracles to process sensitive private data from off-chain.
DeFiDecentralized finance and GameFi. Example: confidential off-chain computing for DEX, such as an order book.
DIDDecentralized identity. Confidentiality may be used in identity processing such as KYC.

Also here are the technical use cases for which we will provide example apps:

Use CaseDescription
Dynamic web apps with tunnelsComplex web applications (such as Super Chat) that require external public IP (via tunnels).
Smart-contracts and oraclesBuilding Web3 oracles that provide a way for smart-contracts to exchange data with external off-chain sources.
Smart-contracts with off-chain computingOffload the heavy lifting to off-chain computing environments to remove limitations imposed by smart-contracts.
Python-based solutionsSuch as AI/ML Python scripts for computations on data that do not require internet access.
Node.js-based solutionsVarious Node.js apps that do not require internet access.

Who are the candidates?

We would like you to be:

  • Experienced in developing Web3 apps and dApps.
  • Curious about confidential computing (you don't have to be an expert).
  • Enthusiastic about learning and trying new things.
  • A team player, willing to share feedback, contribute and be patient about technical issues that inevitably arise during testnet.
  • Comfortable sharing your knowledge and helping new members of the community who will come after you (optional, but desirable).

How to apply?

Please fill out this application form.

We anticipate an overwhelming number of requests, so please be patient. This will be a highly selective process - our development team is relatively small and we can only support a limited number of developers at a time. We plan to begin in mid-September 2023 with a core group and gradually add new members.

Any questions may be addressed to our Discord server.