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Public Testnet


Super Protocol Public Testnet provides a way for everyone to get an early glimpse at what new possibilities of the protocol have to offer for Web3 space. The testnet will be constantly updated and will become the base for the eventual launch of the mainnet. So, this is a great opportunity to start building before the protocol becomes mainstream!

At this point, in order to participate in Super Protocol Testnet one needs to complete a registration process and acquire test account key and access token, both of which are required to get access to Super Protocol interfaces.


To get into Super Protocol Testnet, please fill in the testnet application form. Once it's done, wait for the invitation letter from our team with test account and access token. Please, be patient as we're receiving plenty of applications day in day out, and we only have limited computational resources at the moment. But rest assured that all applications will be processed and everyone will get their invitation letter.

In the meantime, we invite you to go over the manuals for our Web User Interface and Command-line Interface (CLI), as well as for the solutions that are already deployed on Super Protocol Testnet.

How to start using Super Protocol

There are currently two ways to interact with the protocol:

  • Web User Interface. An easy-to-use web application for those who want to quickly try out solutions already deployed on the protocol. It allows you to use your own data, but it does not support deploying your own solutions.
  • Command-line Interface (CLI). A powerful tool for developers who want to try to deploy their own solutions and leverage full functionality of the protocol.


Before contacting support, please make sure that your problem is not already covered in known issues and limitations.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to use Testnet channel on our Discord server.