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Getting Started

What is Super Protocol Testnet?

The Testnet is an operational work-in-progress version of Super Protocol. It is continuously updated with new releases and functionality as the project is heading towards mainnet.

The latest public release is Testnet 2, launched on March 13, 2023. It contains the following major updates:

  • Decentralized confidential hosting. The users can now host their own static websites on the Super Protocol network. The system of tunnels is used where the Tunnel Client holds the applications and data in a confidential enclave and the Tunnel Server is responsible for public ingress (public static IP’s) that routes to the Client. More tunnels means more stability and resistance to attacks.
  • Marketplace UI. The brand new user-friendly UI that is replacing the RocketGirl UI from Testnet 1. This is the user interface that we will be evolving with new functionality and it will carry on to the mainnet.

Of course these are not all the updates. There is a new architecture and many other improvements.

Known Issues and Limitations

Since this is testnet, there are some limitations on performance:

  • The hosted sites will only be live for 72 hours. This is a limit we imposed to ensure consistent performance on testnet.
  • There may be short (1-2 minutes) interruptions in service for hosted sites when new orders go live. This will be fixed within couple of weeks after launch.
  • Mobile version of Marketplace is currently view-only. We will adopt full functionality in future releases.
  • Adding new Tunnel Clients and Servers to your hosting order is currently available only through CLI. A guide on how to do that is coming soon.

How to participate?

Testnet is now taking applications to participate. Please fill out the testnet participation form. We will be in touch! Please be patient as we are processing an overwhelming amount of requests.

To monitor network performance and workloads we will be issuing testnet invites in daily batches. If you are an approved participant of Testnet Phase 1, there is no need to re-apply. We will send you the updated credentials shortly.

Please read the First Steps and Marketplace Walkthrough guides to get you started.


If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to use Testnet channel on our Discord server.