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General questions

What is Super Protocol?

Super Protocol combines blockchain with the most advanced confidential computing technologies on the market to create a decentralized confidential computing protocol.

A modern ecosystem owned by a large cloud service provider may offer hundreds of services, but nevertheless it is a closed ecosystem. Super Protocol's permissionless community-driven nature allows for potentially unlimited combinations of computational capacity, public and private data, and innovative services, integrated into the same open protocol.

Key points:

  • Web3 confidential computing protocol
  • Powerful combination of blockchain and confidential computing technologies
  • Rich ecosystem of computational resources, products, services, and data

Why is the project called Super Protocol?

Super Protocol is the next generation of confidential computing: decentralized, blockchain-based and governed by smart contracts, designed specifically for the future of Web3.

In a broad sense, PROTOCOL is represented as a set of rules used by participating parties to communicate with one another.

What does Super Protocol bring to this world?

  • A Web3 super cloud for general computing accessible for everyone and suitable for any kind of workload: dApps, traditional web applications, or complex computations.
  • A massive ecosystem with lots of computational capacity, public and private data, and innovative services that offers opportunities for exponential growth and innovation.
  • A decentralized and unstoppable infrastructure for Web3 projects.

Why will Super Protocol make the world a better place?

Modern Internet is governed by huge corporations, which decide the vector of their business development and target audience. The main motive behind it is their own success in the market. There are plenty of examples of how huge corporations use technological and financial superiority, as well as influence in order to take advantage of the small business.

Main goal of Web3 in general and Super Protocol in particular is transferring technology to its users which brings everyone equal opportunities for creating new products and services.

What is the competition of Super Protocol?

There are two types of our competitors:

  • Web2: traditional cloud service providers
  • Web3: blockchain based projects focused on cloud computing and/or confidential computing

Our main advantages compared to Web2 competition:

  • No single point of failure
  • Trustless environment without any intermediaries
  • Permissionless and community-driven platform focused on innovation

Our main advantages compared to Web3 competition:

  • Full power of modern cloud computing with built in confidentiality for the future of Web3
  • Hardware-based trusted execution environment prevents unauthorized access or modification of your applications and data, even from node providers
  • Open ecosystem of interoperable solutions and data that will enrich Web3 world with brand new innovations

What Super Protocol can offer to providers of computational resources?

Super Protocol is a good alternative for mining. The versatility of the protocol ensures a relatively even use of all resources: CPU, GPU (in the future), RAM, storage, network. The same cannot be said about mining, which has repeatedly caused a serious shortage of graphics cards and power supply units on the market, and there were fears of HDD and SSD shortages.

Unlike mining, where multiple resources are used to continuously perform the same type of computation, Super Protocol resources are used to solve user problems, i.e., to constantly create new value. Thus, hardware and energy are used as efficiently as possible minimizing negative effects on the environment.

Super Protocol aims to offer owners of computing resources an open, fully decentralized public blockchain-based protocol through which computing power could be provided directly to end users, bypassing intermediaries, while generating a guaranteed, stable stream of income.

How can Super Protocol help software developers to grow and scale their business?

Technology tends to become more complex over time, as evidenced in particular by the development of artificial intelligence over the past decade. Consequently, technological solutions require more labor, more in-depth expertise, and more computational capacity. As development costs rise, the need to protect intellectual property becomes paramount. At the same time, any solutions in today's fast-paced world must be constantly updated and provide easy scalability.

It follows from the foregoing that software developers are finding it increasingly difficult to promote their own solutions. This is especially true for small companies and individual developers. A high cost of computing resources, a lack of user-friendly platforms for promoting and selling solutions, and the risk of know-how leakage are serious constraint factors affecting innovation.

Super Protocol solves all those problems by offering developers a direct sales channel to consumers, bypassing intermediaries, as well as providing all the tools necessary to quickly scale the solutions while protecting intellectual property.

How can data providers seize unique opportunities to monetize their sensitive data on Super Protocol?

Data in the modern world is being created everywhere, while new, more advanced processing algorithms allow for an ever larger number of ways to use this data. However, there are quite a few challenges here.

Obviously, large volumes of data are not originally meant to be public, which means it requires anonymization or confidential computing. High-quality anonymization is not always possible without losing data utility. Additionally, many of today’s analytical tools enable successful data de-anonymization under many different circumstances.

Super Protocol offers data owners a simple, convenient route for monetizing their data—with no intermediaries involved, and while maintaining full data confidentiality.

What products and services Super Protocol can provide for its users?

Successful companies and individuals are always on the lookout for new approaches that would allow them to interact with their target audiences in a precise and effective way, growing their sales and making their offerings ever more competitive. In the modern world, this is most often achieved through an effective use of all available data and information technologies.

Super Protocol offers an open, decentralized ecosystem of computational resources, innovative products and services, data sources (including those previously unavailable for confidentiality reasons), and data processing tools.