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First Steps

1. Getting Access

When you open the Marketplace for the first time, you will be asked to provide an access token. Please use the access token that you received in the Testnet invitation letter.

The token looks something like this:


If your token doesn’t work, please contact us in Discord.

2. Metamask Configuration

Metamask login is not required to browse the Marketplace offers, but if you want to create orders, then you’ll need to configure Metamask for testnet. Please complete the steps below:

Step 1. Install Metamask
Download and install the Metamask browser extension from its official website. Create a new wallet or import your existing one during the setup process. Skip this step if you have Metamask already installed.

Step 2. Add a new network
Open Metamask. Click on My Accounts (avatar in the top right corner), then click on Settings, then go to the Networks section, click on the Add a network button and then scroll down and click on Add a network manually

Step 3. Fill in the parameters
Set the following parameters and press Save.

Network NameMatic Testnet Mumbai

Note. You can change this value if you like.

Note. You can use a different node, but we highly recommend that you use this one. Some nodes, especially free ones, may have some limitations on the maximum number of consecutive transactions and their size. Because of this, you may encounter some errors.
Chain ID80001
Currency SymbolMATIC
Block Explorer URL
Step 4. Import account
Open again My Accounts and click on Import Account. Select type Private Key and enter the private key that you received from the Super Protocol team. Then click on the Import button.

Testnet Private Key looks something like this: 0xb8371e9b2mr9f6e2b9e5ec1ead09b731607b923125c2faae6076df72f37e4b2e

Step 5. Check account number
Make sure that the imported account number is the same as the one that was provided in the Testnet invitation letter.

Testnet account number looks something like this: 0xDe0f32cH7a2c3d85a3E578972EC7764154e75380

It is also probably a good idea to rename this account: Super Protocol Testnet or anything you like. Just to make sure you’ll use the correct account when connecting to the Marketplace in the next section.

3. Connecting Wallet

At this point we assume that you have done all the steps in the previous section and correctly configured Metamask.

Step 1. Press Connect Wallet
Go to the [Marketplace]( To connect the wallet, click on the Connect Wallet button in the top right corner.

Step 2. Select Metamask account
The Metamask app will open. Select the account that you have configured in the previous section (the one sent in the invitation letter).

If everything is done correctly, you will see your account number as well as your token balance.

If you see the error below, it means that you are trying to connect with the wrong Metamask account.

In this case, open Metamask and disconnect this account.

And then again click on the Connect Wallet button in the Marketplace and select the account that you configured for Testnet (the one that was sent to you in the invitation letter). Please refer to the Metamask Configuration section if in doubt.

4. Receiving Tokens

There are two types of tokens that are used in Super Protocol and you will need both of them:

  1. MATIC token is used to pay for transactions on Polygon blockchain.
  2. TEE token is used to pay for offers and receive payments in Super Protocol.

To get tokens, use the corresponding links in the top menu.

Please note that there is a limit to the maximum balance of each token in one account. If you reach this limit, you cannot request additional tokens until you spend some of them.

Important! Do not send MATIC tokens to other accounts. Violators will be banned from using Super Protocol testnet.