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What is Marketplace?

The purpose of Marketplace is to present a user-friendly web interface (UI) for the consumers and providers of solutions, data, and confidential computing services available through Super Protocol.

The providers can put up four types of offers:

  • Solutions – a solution can be any application, script, model, smart-contract, base image, service, or anything else that can run in a confidential container.
  • Data – any type of data that is used by the solutions: images, video, audio, websites, databases, nodes, etc.
  • Compute – the computing resources that may be provided by any untrusted machine as long as it has a confidential computing enabled CPU, which protects the solutions and data during execution.
  • Storage – decentralized storages (such as StorJ) where the order results and offers are stored.

At this phase of Testnet we limit the participation by providers from the community – all offers on Marketplace are provided by the Super Protocol team. But we will open the doors in the upcoming releases.

Architecturally, Marketplace is built on top of Super Protocol and as such its data (transactions, offers, orders, etc) are written on blockchain and are sourced from there. There is little in terms of backend and databases.

Please keep in mind that Marketplace is the user-friendly tool. For advanced capabilities of Super Protocol please use CLI.

There is a mobile version of the Marketplace, but currently it operates in a view-only mode.

Please read the First Steps and Marketplace Walkthrough guides to get you started.

Coming Up Next

In the coming releases we plan to add new functionality to the Marketplace UI:

  • Solution, Data, and Compute providers from the community to earn TEE tokens in the Marketplace by creating new offers using their own apps, data and confidential computing resources.
  • Hosting of full stack dynamic apps (frontends, backends, databases), smart-contracts, etc.
  • Flexible slot-based system enabling Compute providers to divide their machines into slots (by vCores, RAM, HDD, Network), put them up on Marketplace as separate Compute offers, and price each accordingly.
  • A Billing module to keep track of your spending, earnings, rewards and deposits.
  • Reputation system: users can rate offers and providers.
  • Fully functioning mobile version.

And this is just the top of the iceberg! We’ll keep you posted with more details.